Small Group Acupuncture Sessions

Community acupuncture is the delivery of acupuncture to multiple people in the same space.  Imagine walking into a serene yoga studio, but with recliners instead of yoga mats.  At this clinic, there are four shifts each week, in which patients may receive acupuncture in a community setting.  While most community clinics have anywhere from 6 to 28 people receiving care in the same space, in this clinic, there are typically only 3 patients in one large room


We charge a little more for this more time intensive care.  However, patients can still receive affordable care at this clinic.   In fact, patients can pre-pay for a series of ten visits, and pay only $45 per treatment.  Patients who wish to pay per visit, pay only $65, still significantly less than the rate paid for private visits at other clinics as well as this clinic.  


FAQs About Community Acupuncture


Why is the rate lower than what is usually charged for acupuncture in Atlanta or for private treatments in this clinic?  Patients whose conditions can be treated solely with distal acupuncture (non local needling) do not require as much time with the Acupuncturist, and do not require privacy as they do not need to remove clothing. With community rates, patients can afford to come in for treatment more often with greater regularity. Thus, they get better faster and become loyal patients. It is win win for everyone involved!  


Will the practitioner spend enough time with me?  Since a patient who receives care in a small group session shift at this clinic will be in a large room with typically, only two other patients, each patient can rest assured that he or she is receiving the best possible care.  In contrast, in most community clinics in Atlanta and the rest of the US, patients only spend at most 5 minutes with a provider.  


Furthermore, at this clinic, each patient will be informed at their initial consultation, whether their condition requires some number of private treatments in addition to a number of small group treatments.  For example, many patients suffering from acute or chronic pain, can greatly benefit from one or more private treatments added to the treatment plan, in which the provider can perform both local (motor and trigger point therapy) and distal (non-local) treatments. Your provider will recommend care that will offer you the greatest relief in the shortest time possible.  


How do you protect privacy during a community treatment?  Initial discussions are held in private.  Any discussion after this first private consult is done at a low voice level to both protect privacy and avoid disturbing other patients.  Patients who want complete silence can wear earplugs. Patients can also wear an eye mask, though the lighting is already at a soothing lower level of brightness.  


What is the role of Herbal Medicine and Meditation in the Clinic?  While these services are optional for any community acupuncture patient, they are highly recommended for certain patients, especially for anyone seeking to overcome a chronic health issue.  Herbs can be taken every day, and in general, are better for addressing internal health complaints.  Chinese Herbs are in fact, the heart of Chinese Medicine. They were the main tool used by court physicians to keep the emperor alive, healthy, virile, and vibrant. Meditation, whether experienced through a basic or a personalized technique like Primordial Sound Meditation, provides an excellent way to manage the often deadly effects of stress, and perhaps more importantly, it allows one to get in touch with the bliss/silence that underlies all thought.  This experience is profoundly healing.

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