TMJ Protocol

Significant Relief of Pain and Improvement in Limited Function, typically within only 6 visits!






TMJ Testimonial by Dana Ferguson

"I had been diagnosed with TMJ disorder and despite dental and chiropractic intervention, was experiencing increasing pain and discomfort that interrupted eating, sleeping and work, severely diminishing my quality of life.   


David worked miracles.  He was very patient with my complaints, offered advice for stretching and breathing exercises between visits and always ensured that I was comfortable during the acupuncture treatment.  


His skill and ability certainly helped me to avoid unnecessary surgery and gave me back my life! " 

First Step

TMJ Specific Orthopedic Exam

Baseline Evaluation: Subjective, Objective and Functional Measures that allow you and Dr. Jones to gauge level of relief and return of normal function


Identifies deficiencies in Range of Motion of head, neck and shoulder, and inhibitions of muscles affecting the movement of the Tempo-Mandibular Joint. 


In addition, includes palpation to identify trigger points that require attention.

Intra-Oral Massage

Releases inhibition/constriction of Medial & Lateral* Pterygoid (only muscle that opens jaw*) muscles and the attachment of the Temporalis at the Coranoid Process of the Mandible


This first step is key for it is not possible to needle inside the mouth.  Intra-Oral Massage improves the ability to open and close jaw, without pain.

Perfusion Treatment plus Distal Needling


Improves Blood Flow to Head, Neck, Shoulder and Upper extremities and complements action of Motor/Trigger Point Treatments


The Perfusion Treatment modality is essential for maintaining results of first treatments and for healing of chronic cases.  

Motor Point and Trigger Point Treatment

Releases Inhibited/Constricted Muscles of Head, Face, Neck and Shoulder


This modality thus improves the range of motion in these areas and the function of their muscles and joints, and relieves pain in all areas associated with TMJ dysfunction. 

Soft Tissue Work


 These modalities maintain results of the initial treatments and help to remodel the soft tissue to normalize structure and function.  

Herbal Therapy


 Complements and extends effects of Acupuncture treatments, and greatly assists with stress management

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