Rates for Each Clinic/Center Service


Acupuncture rates for discounted pre-paid packages are listed first below. Rates for non prepaid visits are listed after them.  Most patients need at least two motor point treatments, and four distal needling treatments in their first two weeks of care, but feel free to ask which package is most advantageous for your condition in a free phone consultation or by emailing Mindbodywellnessatl.com


Pre-Paid Rates (for cash patients only)

Initial consultation and first 4 sessions of Acupuncture (each session may include both distal and Motor Point needling): $340. These four sessions must take place within first 2 weeks of care. 


Pre-payment for 10 visits of Community Acupuncture (distal needling only): $495.  $50 for any needed session of Motor Point needling with this prepaid package.  The 10 visits must take place within 44 days.  20 or more pre-paid visits cost the same per treatment, but patients have a much longer period before their visits expire (6 months) AND they receive significantly larger discounts on herbal consultation/formula plans.  


Non Pre-Paid rates

Initial Consultation: $85


Community Acupuncture (distal needling only) session: $60 for cash patients, $75 for insurance patients, except for Healthways and ASHP patients.


Motor Point needling session: $50 for cash patients, $60 for insurance patients


Herbal consultations

$ 40*


Two weeks of a customized formula



* 20% off these rates with a pre-paid Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine plan, also known as the "Emperor's Plan."  Patients who pre-pay for 20 or more acupuncture treatments are eligible for an even larger discount.  33 & 1/3% off these rates with 20 or more pre-paid acupuncture treatments. 

What is the The Emperor's Plan?  

Each patient with a chronic complaint receives a  treatment plan after the second or third acupuncture treatment.   It is important to see what level of relief has been experienced by the patient prior to developing the treatment plan.  For pain, acupuncture is the main tool used for relief.  For internal health problems, the main tool is a customized herbal therapy.  Patients who pre-pay for 10 acupuncture treatments receive significant discounts on herbal consults and customized formulas.  Treatment plans that incorporate pre-payment for both acupuncture and a series of of herbal medicine consults/customized formulas are described as "The Emperor's Plan."

 Primordial Sound Meditation Instruction

Instruction in Primordial Sound Meditation: standard rate is $395, patients who pre-pay for the Emperor's Plan pay only $316, a 20 per cent difference.

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