Additional PSM Testimonials

"I see what I see and know what I know. I am. I learned this from meditating for 34 years. I now have been practicing Primordial Sound Meditation (PMS) for close to half a year and I have learned not to be afraid of what I don't see and or don't know or of what I am not. I no longer worry. I was beginning to believe I was worthy and able. Now I know I am. PMS has accelerated my personal growth exponentially. Some physiological changes have also occurred along with how I relate to people (much easier and with less effort) and in how I cognize my self and the world. •My blood pressure has normalized •I am no longer an insomniac, a chronic problem since adolescence •A medication I take for a chronic illness has been reduced 25% since I learned PMS •The harmony in my relationships, especially with my parents and siblings is much much improved •I have greater clarity in my thinking,more profundity and much greater peace of mind From my experience the investment you make in learning PMS is one of the best investments you will ever make. My teacher is David Blake Jones and I recommend him highly. He has knowledge, compassion, and a sincere and deep interest in his students. His teaching style is clear, simple,yet profound. You can't go wrong with David and you will be doing the right thing and the real thing."

Tom Lumsden


"Primordial Sound Meditation has helped me in so many ways with my journey to better health. I feel calmer and more focused during the day. I am able to be more in the moment with my 3 small children and still keep up with life's everyday demands. I highly recommend this class, and the practice of meditation in one's daily life." 

Megan Gerace 

Birmingham, Alabama 


"I attended a Primordial Sound Meditation course taught by David Blake Jones in March 2007. Walking into the room, I didn't know quite what to expect from the course, but David did an excellent job of explaining both the general and the specific goals we would accomplish during the course. David's teaching style was informative and well-paced, and the attendees were left with the impression that he really knew the material as a result of years of first-hand experience and study. What I love about PSM is that my sound, which I received lovingly from David, grounds me in meditation like no other mantra I've ever tried. I am able to get into a deep meditative state, and my mind doesn't wander nearly as much. Even now, when I think of my sound, I hear it the way David spoke it to me for the first time. His enthusiasm was catching and his unique ability to express the benefits of daily practice was inspiring. He has remained available for contact in case I ever have any questions about what we learned. I would give this course and David high recommendations without any reservations."

Kerri Winston, L.Ac., Ph.D. 



"I recently was enrolled in a meditation class taught by David Jones. The sessions were wonderful! David is very knowledgeable about his subject and he is able to convey the material in a concise and understandable way. He is very personable and was very kind to answer all questions."

David Lowery

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