How does Chinese Medicine Successfully Treat Infertility?

Many couples who have experienced difficulty having children have heard that Chinese Medicine is often used to treat infertility, often in conjunction with Western medical care, or alone.  However, the way Chinese Medicine works to make women and men more fertile is not widely known.  This page briefly explains an approach that works for many practitioners, including the one at this clinic.  


At MindBody Wellness Atlanta, we have found through clinical 

experience that the best way to treat infertility is through two stages of care, 1) a focus on regulating blood stagnation for the first two menstrual cycles, and 2)  a focus on tonification for optimal endometrial lining in the uterus for the third and following cycles.


Many Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine clinics in Atlanta that treat infertility rely primarily or solely on acupuncture. While acupuncture definitely helps, the strongest treatment of infertility is through customized Chinese botanical medicine.   


We focus on using Chinese herbs to relieve the blood stagnation in the lower abdomen in the first cycle, because from clinical experience, we find that most women who are experiencing infertility and are 30 or older, have conditions like endometriosis or polycistic problems, or have irregular menstrual cycles due to blood stagnation in their lower abdomen.  Palpation of an area on the Left radial pulse usually reveals these underlying health challenges.  If this underlying stagnation is not corrected, there is a high likelihood of miscarriage.  Our herbal formulas in this phase are like Herbal DNCs.  

Infertility often stems from health problems in both the woman and a man who are trying to have children.  Thus, we encourage all of the men whose wives are seeking treatment for infertility to have their sperm checked for possible issues.

When the third cycle arrives, we focus on using Chinese herbs that tonify to nourish the endometrial lining so that it is more likely to hold the fertilized egg.  These herbs also improve egg quality.  Men who have problems with their sperm can also be treated with herbs to improve their sperm quality.  

For each cycle, acupuncture is ideally a component of care too, to complement the effect of the Chinese botanicals and to help the women seeking care to de-stress.

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