The FibroFatigue Protocol









A comprehensive, and effective approach to healing people with Fibromyalgia, auto-immune and most other chronic conditions.  Atlanta Restorative Acupuncture is the only medical practice (both conventional and Chinese Medicine) in the Atlanta Metropolitan area, to offer this protocol. 


The FibroFatigue Protocol is not for people who identify strongly with their diagnosis of Fibromyalgia.


It is NOT for people in search of a quick fix.


It IS for people who want to be involved in their healing, to practice self-care as a part of their healing.   


It IS for people who long to do the things they can’t do now, due to their symptoms.


It IS for people who are 100% committed to getting better. 

For most Fibro-myalgia patients, and a large percentage of people suffering from any chronic condition, healing remains a seemingly distant goal. 










Western Medicine has different schools of thought about the best way to help fibromyalgia patients, with some specialists focusing on the thyroid, others on the gut, each practicing what Fibromyalgia specialist and Chinese Medicine expert Andrew Miles says are "isolated blind men groping around in the dark" (Miles, A., 2016).  Miles argues that "you can't discover the truth about fibromyalgia from isolation; you must look for it in the light of context." Yet Western medicine is not the only medical discipline to disappoint these patients. 

Both Conventional and Alternative Medicine usually

fail to recognize the context in which Fibromyalgia

and other chronic conditions arise and achieve only

limited success in relieving the symptoms of 

Fibromyalgia and Auto-Immune conditions.










The FibroFatigue Protocol takes context into consideration, and focuses on treatment strategies to Relieve Pain & Tension, Help Patients Manage Stress thus relieving the symptoms of Anxiety, & Depression, to Increase Energy, & to restore function so you can get your life back!   It utilizes several modalities within Chinese Medicine, including Acupuncture, but you may be surprised to learn that the primary tool of this protocol is a set of specific Chinese Botanical formulas, prescribed at different stages of healing.  Gaso-transmitter Therapy (gentle breathwork or QiGong exercises) is another important component of the protocol, with different exercises employed at each stage of healing. 


Depending on the severity of the case, the protocol treatment plan can be two to four months long. It is sometimes beneficial for patients to undergo this protocol more than once, to reinforce the effects of the first completion of the protocol. At your free consultation, you will receive a treatment plan based on your particular needs. 


Key Strategies of the FibroFatigue Protocol

Resolves Blood Stagnation

Relieves sharp pain, chronic

stubborn fixed pain, emotional issues

Regulates the Distribution of

Nitric Oxide

Helps with stress management,

relieves effects of stress and poor

sleep, relieves muscular tension

and cramping, reduces

inflammation, relieves chronic 


Protects/Regulates the Immune

System or "Secures the Exterior

of the House"

Relieves wandering and non-specific

pain, sensitivity to weather changes,

decreases neck stiffnessresolves

headaches, regulates and strengthens 

immune system (easing allergies and

frequencies of colds and other

infections), decreases stiffness and

feelings of heaviness

Restores the Gut, Transforming


Reduces sensitivities to stressors,

resolves chronic digestive disorders,

regulates bowel movements, lifts 

mental fog, eases heavy pains

To find out WHY most Fibromyalgia patients experience only limited improvement,  and why the FibroFatigue protocol succeeds where other approaches have only limited success, you can read more in a free eBook.  To  receive the free eBook, simply request a free consultation in which Dr. Jones can learn more about your particular type of Fibromyalgia, and create a customized treatment plan for healing and renewal, and a return to function. 

After making an appointment for your free consultation, you will also receive a link to a short survey that will allow you to learn your particular Fibro type (there are eight different types of Fibromyalgia). At your consultation, Dr. Jones will explain how he can best address your condition within its unique context.   

To schedule YOUR free appointment, call Atlanta Restorative Acupuncture at (678) 631-7965, or email him us at 

Reference: Miles, Andrew. The Fibro Bible. 2016 


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