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The testimonials below were submitted prior to the creation of the Google business page for Atlanta Restorative Acupuncture, or the patient did not have a google account. 

Shoulder Pain


I am thankful to Dr. Jones for restoring my ability to move my arm without pain.  I am now able to complete most everyday activities pain free, and what a joy it is to play catch with my two great-granddaughters pain free!  Dr. Jones‘ dedication and thoughtfulness were always evident in his work with me. 

Virginia (Senior Citizen)

Foot Pain


I want to heartily recommend David for the treatment of sports injuries.  I had experienced  a running related foot pain for several weeks, back pain more recently, and was preparing for a run in a Detroit race.  A friend referred me to David.  After only one treatment, my foot AND back pain was almost completely gone. I had one more treatment to help maintain the results of the first treatment and clear up any remaining discomfort.  Thanks to David, I was able to participate in the race several days later. I couldn't have done it without him.  I've been referring some of my clients who are runners as well to him. Thanks David!

Jenny Renshaw





Shoulder and Low Back Pain


I had my first experience with acupuncture because of a painful "frozen shoulder" which my M.D. tried to treat with no success. So I decided to give acupuncture a try, and I was amazed (as was my M.D.) that both my pain and limited motion disappeared almost immediately. David was very informative, & good at getting me to relax for the treatment. That was many years ago, and since then I have had many treatments, including for my lower back (which in this last instance, after not being able to literally move for 3 days) the pain disappeared and movement returned overnight after treatment. I can't thank David enough. He has also treated me for High Blood Pressure which is now under control! Along with the routine acupuncture & stretching David taught me, this old body is pain free & that’s a feeling of freedom for me.


Peter Hunt

TMJ Pain and Stress Management


The purpose of this letter is to provide a recommendation for David Jones.   

I was assigned to David for acupuncture treatment at Metro Acupuncture Clinic in the fall of 2005.  I had been diagnosed with TMJ disorder and despite dental and chiropractic intervention, was experiencing increasing pain and discomfort that interrupted eating, sleeping and work, severely diminishing my quality of life.   

David worked miracles.  He was very patient with my complaints, offered advice for stretching and breathing exercises between visits and always ensured that I was comfortable during the acupuncture treatment.  He was always on time, professional and clearly explained everything to me.   

I believe David's calm and nurturing personality to be a significant asset for acupuncture.  His skill and ability certainly helped me to avoid unnecessary surgery and gave me back my life!  I believe David would be a welcome addition to any practice that incorporates alternative therapies.  




D.L. Ferguson


Stop Smoking


When I decided to stop smoking I had been told to try acupuncture. I was a little leery, but decided to try it. Now having gone through the experience I can not stop talking about it and David.  He made me feel very comfortable and gave me a clear understanding of what and how it can help. I have to say that I thought it would be so hard to stop a habit of  12+ years but with the treatment from David and the herbs I took, I came through like a champ. Not only can he help you with the quitting smoking but I'm sure David can use his knowledge and understanding of  acupuncture to treat and get you through whatever may ail you.


Andrea Cutshaw

Shoulder Pain


I am so glad that you convinced me to try acupuncture for my shoulder pain.  As I told you, it resulted from a serious auto accident about 15 years ago and after many medical doctors and many tests, no one  has been able to determine the cause; pain killers have been the only treatment.


You did one treatment and the result was amazing.  The pain lessened even before I left your office and the next day, I was virtually pain-free.  It is now several days later, and the pain is still almost non-existent.


I had always been fearful of acupuncture, thinking that it would hurt.  It did not.  And it worked.  I have not taken pain killers since I saw you.


Thank you again for some amazing healing.


Mark Evans


Chronic Neck Pain, TMJ, Anxiety, IBS

 David Blake Jones is, and has been, invaluable to me for his treatment of my severe neck pain, TMJ, anxiety, and IBS. 

One of a team of specialists working with me to counteract the effects of these syndromes and problems I have been experiencing for about five years, within months he greatly reduced the frequency of my former daily panic and anxiety attacks to almost nil; the "brain fog" has subsided, and the incidents of IBS have lessened.  My neck pain has improved dramatically, as well as the TMJ. 

David has a great "bedside manner," as he takes the time needed to listen to my concerns and physical complaints, and is willing to try various techniques to alleviate pain and bring me back to a healthful state. He suggests complementary treatment, if warranted, and makes himself available between appointments for questions and needed encouragement.


N.I. Plante,  

San Pedro, CA


Neck and Shoulder Pain 

September 24, 2004

This letter is to thank you so much for the acupuncture treatments.  As you know, the constant pain I had been experiencing was emitting from the back area, somewhere near the top of the shoulder blade.  Lifting my head or turning it to the right caused severe pain.  Sometimes the pain radiated down into my right arm.  Also, the fingers on my right hand were numb.  When I first came to you, I had already been to physical therapy for my neck and shoulder pain.  The physical therapy, which included ice packs, heat, traction and manual manipulation, only alleviated the pain somewhat and for a very short period.   I had also had chiropractic treatments, which didn't help at all. 

Before seeing you, I had never had acupuncture before, but was in such pain that I was willing to try anything.  After your first treatment, I felt better.  After the second, I had substantial relief.  By the third treatment, the pain was nearly gone.  And by the fourth treatment, I felt like I was back to normal.   

I'm grateful for your caring, patient manner and kindness.  You are a very dear man.  Thank you very much.   



Susan Allison


Sciatica Pain 


David Jones is an excellent acupuncturist and friend.  I have seen firsthand how his treatment of my wife for her sciatica has helped her tremendously.  He is easy to work with and is always kind and gentle toward his patients.  

I would most heartily recommend his services to anyone.   

Please contact me with any questions.   



Glen Horne, CRNA


General Wellness, Overall Health 

June 9, 2004 

I would like to take this time to provide a professional reference for the services of David Blake Jones, a licensed acupuncturist practicing in Los Angeles.  I have known David for over one year, since contacting (and subsequently appointing) him as my new acupuncturist.  It has been a pleasure being one of his patients, and his enthusiasm for my continued health, his genuine and valuable advice, and professional work ethic in the practice of acupuncture are invaluable assets to my life.   

Through his terrific bedside manner, David has assured that my experience as an acupuncture patient is both comfortable and productive, continually demonstrating good judgement and concern for my well-being.  Make no mistake - his concern for my overall health far outweighs the interest and patient manner that I ever have experienced from my personal PCPs (Primary Care Physician, or MD).  He often spends several minutes with me each session to gauge how my health has been over the previous week, and has even unexpectedly called me on my cell phone during the week to see how I was faring several days following a visit.   

David has always accommodated my schedule, often treating me on Saturdays, and is willing to try new approaches or recommend practical intervention when a condition does not subside.  He is willing to "go the extra mile" in order to restore and maintain my optimal health.  I definitely recommend David Jones to prospective patients as an excellent acupuncturist, without hesitation.   



Michael I. Kent

Glendale, CA


Stop Smoking, Stress Management

I would like to recommend David Jones to anyone looking for a great acupuncturist.  Towards the end of 2003, I made a decision to quit smoking.  I was referred to David by a friend who was receiving treatments from David for his addiction to cigarettes.  I was hopeful, but skeptical, and was also going through a lot of stress at the time.  I thought maybe it was premature of me to try to quit smoking. 


I am happy to report that I have been smoke free and nicotine free (no gum, no patch) for almost 10 months now.  It has not always been easy, but I know that David's treatments (the initial three days in a row for withdrawal symptoms, and regular followup visits) helped me to stay grounded, and gave me the edge I needed to keep my commitment to myself to stop smoking. 

 David is a caring, and effective physician.  I highly recommend him to anyone who is committed to stop smoking.

Greg Cardona

Los Angeles, CA


Chronic Pain

September 24, 2004 

David Blake Jones requested that I write a letter of recommendation on his behalf. I have only words of praise for David.  He is an exceptionally fine person with integrity, credibility, and good  values; it is my pleasure to tell you about him. 


I was referred to David in February 2002.  I have multiple injuries that cause chronic pain.  My orthopedic surgeon suggested I see an Acupuncturist.  I am terrified of needles, I didn't want to go.  I was scared and anxious.  David greeted me, his calming, soothing manner instantly put me to ease.  I walked into his office terrified, and walked out looking forward to my next visit.  I looked forward to the next visit not because I felt better, but because I felt good about David.  I knew I was in good hands. 


David cares about his patients.  His treatment room, lightly scented with aromatherapy oil, and soft relaxing music makes visits a relaxing experience.  David always makes the time to talk to me, not only about my physical condition, but also about my total well being.  He does this with compassion and genuine concern. 


Because of David my pain levels are greatly reduced, and I feel better.  I attribute this to his vast knowledge of exactly where to needle, his gracious manner, his tremendous enthusiasm, energy, and his desire to create a setting that is conducive to feeling good and healing. 


It is without reservation that I recommend David Jones.   He would be an asset to your health.



Bonnie Beckett


Back Pain, Immune System Health, Stress Management, Wellness

David Jones has been successfully assuaging my stress and back pain with acupuncture and moxabustion for some time now. As an HIV positive, asymptomatic male who has decided to avoid the problematic and often toxic AIDS "cocktails", I also rely on him to strengthen my immunity. His wealth of knowledge pertaining to both pharmaceutical drugs and holistic prophylactic treatments has been an invaluable source from which, together, we have outlined a natural regimen of supplements that has me feeling healthy, and balanced. I look forward to our conversation and his needles all week! I always leave feeling relaxed and pain free.


As well, David Jones' professionalism and grace are a personal inspiration to me.

Robin Weigel

Hollywood, CA





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